Actor/Reader Job Application

Earn Money via your Passion

Earn income doing what you love, as a contracted Actor2Actor Actor/Reader by regularly “running”/rehearsing lines with fellow actors, and even providing coaching/feedback when requested. Hone your skills and get paid to do it!

Advertising and Marketing Assistance

Actor2Actor invests heavily into advertising & marketing. We have a wide variety or resources we utilize, which makes you receiving a booking that much easier! 

Work When & Where You Want

When contracted by Actor2Actor, you are 100% the master of your own time! You can easily change your schedule when you need to in our system to suit your needs.

Customer Support

Scheduling, cancelations, re-scheduling, billing, payroll, you name it, our team is here to help!  The Actor2Actor support team is available 9am-9pm, 7 days per week.

This is an artistic, independent, and exciting position, where you will be utilizing your acting skills! We are seeking enthusiastic and excited individuals that are experienced to join our team of Actors. If you think you would make a great fit, submit your application below!

Requirements for submitting:

  • Experience and/or training in the Arts
  • Reliable transportation
  • Mobile access to a cellphone and email
  • ALL of the information below labeled “required
  • A good attitude 🙂