Running Lines/Rehearsing

Have a busy schedule? – Friends too busy to help? – Need someone that Understands how to read a script? — We’ve got you covered!

Attending an audition fully prepared is essential for the healthy growth an actor’s career. Our ‘Running Lines/Rehearsal’ service provides busy actors with the option to rehearse their lines with an actor in person or via video. Easily rehearse and memorize your lines with a scene partner. Our pool of seasoned actors are proficient at cold reading, understand the technical and organic aspects of acting, and can assist a actors with their rehearsal needs.

We charge at the following affordable rates, based on the amount of minutes booked and/or used.

Our studio has a thrity (30) minute minimum 


Normal business hours    =    $1.50 per minute + $10.00 appointment fee

After business hours        =    $2.00 per minute + $15.00 appointment fee

Holiday business hours    =    $3.50 per minute+ $20.00 appointment fee

ALL appointments incur an appointment fee

Included Services & Amenities:

All ‘In-Person’ & Video sessions booked include the following services and amenities.


1) An Actor to run lines/rehearse with

  • Every session booked at Actor2Actor comes with an actor to read your lines with you (coaching you if requested).

Additional Services & Amenities Available for Purchase:

The following services and amenities are available for purchase.


1) Coaching (+35.00 flat fee, per appointment)

  • In a coaching session your reader will coach you through your entire audition. Your reader will give you their professional feedback, you both will analyze the scene, its medium, genre, and more, to ensure you deliver your best performance possible.

Your customer account must be verified in order to schedule an actor/reader to come to a location. Unverified customer accounts can only use the video rehearsal services (See: “How to verify customer account“)