Need an Actor to Run Lines with? We’ve got you Covered!

Attending an audition fully prepared is essential for the healthy growth an actor’s career. Our ‘Running Lines/Rehearsal’ service provides busy actors with the option to rehearse their lines with an actor in person or via video. Easily rehearse and memorize your lines with a scene partner. Our pool of seasoned actors are proficient at cold reading, understand the technical and organic aspects of acting, and can assist a actors with their rehearsal needs.

You Pick The Time

Easily book an appointment with an actor in seconds from our real-time selections. Schedule between 8:30am-9:30pm, 7 days per week. Depending on your needs, an Actor/Reader can be scheduled in as little as 1 hour!

Actor2Actor Video chatting

Video Rehearsing Available!

Unable to rehearse in person and need someone to rehearse via video? (skype or facetime) No problem! schedule a video session with an actor!

Various Seasoned Actors

Choose the actor you wish to work with or simply select an appointment based on your schedule!

Actors Come to You

Our actors are mobile and able to run lines and/or rehearse with you in your home, office, hotel, or anywhere you choose, within our service areas. Your profile must be verified to use our on location services.

ALL session invoices MUST be paid within twenty (20) minutes of receipt to avoid cancelation (See: Terms/Policies).